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Welcome to Theta Healing® Arizona!

Suzanne RoloffMy name is Suzanne Roloff and I hold a certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®. I offer ThetaHealing® (registered trademark of Nature Path, Inc.) Practitioner Classes and Theta Healing® sessions, here in our beautiful and magical state of Arizona!  I have witnessed ThetaHealing® change and create miracles in my own life and that of many others and look forward to sharing it with you.

For more information from ThetaHealing’s founder, Vianna Stibal, visit her website at www.ThetaHealing.com. I also have a Theta Healing® Sedona site at  www.thetahealingsedona.com.

For the month of December only, I am offering 10% off scholarships for any class I have scheduled for 2015. Between Phoenix and Sedona I have the schedule out through May.  Please email me under contact me the class or classes you would like and I will send you a paypal invoice.  You can use payment plans, but the first payment needs to be made in December. The 3 new classes in January scheduled together does not apply as there is already a special price if taking those three in a row. If you just wish to take 1 or 2 of them the 10% off would apply.

2015 Classes in Phoenix:

Jan. 3rd-5th Basic Class
Jan. 7th-9th Advanced Class
Jan. 10th-11th Manifesting and Abundance Class
Take all three of these classes and save for an 8 day Power Workshop!

Jan. 17th-18th Family Ties
Jan. 19th-20th Dig Deeper
Jan. 22nd-24th Planes of Existence
Take all three and save for $1700.00

Jan. 31st-Feb. 2nd Game of Life Class
Feb. 7th-8th Dig Deeper
Feb. 9th-10th Family Ties
Feb. 12th-16th World Relations Class (pre-req. dig deeper class)

Feb. 18th Access Bars 1 Day Class

I will be offering Thetahealing Classes in March and April in Sedona! (www.thetahealingsedona.com)

May 6th Access Bars 1 Day Class

May 8th-10th Basic Class
May 13th-15th Advanced Class
May 18th-19th Dig Deeper Class
May 23rd-24th Manifesting and Abundance Class
May 26th-27th Family Ties
May 29th-31st Game of Life Class


Thank you, Suzanne for being such a remarkable teacher. You are so kind, accepting, encouraging, insightful, deep and have clearly been doing your work. Your teaching style made learning a lot of fun and the material easy to access. The class was such a joy; deep, and profound. Thank you for making the Theta Healing Basic Workshop an extraordinary weekend. I still hear your reassurance and kind words when I go into a theta healing so I know it is all easy and joyful…and it is!!
Kristine Gay, MSSW, LCSW,
Madison, Wisconsin


Hi Suzanne,
I want to express my deepest appreciation for all you did yesterday. Thank you for holding a safe sacred space so I could look at and heal some of the scariest and darkest parts of myself. Thank you for your gentleness in allowing me to process and eventually permit myself to let go of all that old “stuff”. Thank you for your profound and powerful prayers! You are an amazing, compassionate healer and I am so grateful that you are part of my Divine Timing! I know this integration will take some time, yet I woke this morning feeling excited to discover who I really am, fully in my own energy. My heart is bursting at the seams, I feel like anything is possible, and this is because of you! Your healing set me free!!! Thank you, thank you!!!
Love, Light & Gratitude,
Stephanie, Arizona

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welcome-to-young-living1I now have a separate site for the Young Living Oils. If you give your information on the first page, you will get a series of emails with videos and wonderful information on the oils. One of the first emails will lead you through a series of videos with wonderful information and also how to order them if you would like to. I also have this information on my main site.

YLThese oils are the best and of the highest quality out there and I use them everyday, they are awesome! To Purchase these wonderful essential oil blends from me just sign in at:   Oils That Heal – Vibrant ScentsI also have more information on my other site  Sacred Healing Light: Young Living Essential Oils that has information on signing up to be a distributor and receiving a 24% discount on your orders.Please email me if you have questions!

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